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Save up to 50% over the cost of conventional construction options. Financing options available on your new office building, classroom, educational mixed use building, medical building, retail location, church or daycare.

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  • Modular Office Buildings

    From 1000 to 200,000 sq ft

Advantages Of Modular Buildings

Up to 50% less per foot to build and designed to be scalable over time. A perfect solution to expanding your business or organization that can be finished in half the time.

Lower Cost

Modular buildings can be up to 50% less expensive**. The speed of construction also means moving in earlier, which can translate to additional savings.

Built Faster

If your project requires a quick turnaround, modular buildings can be built in as much as half the time of conventionally-constructed buildings.

Good For The Environment

Modular buildings are more environmentally friendly. The factory that produces the modules creates less waste by recycling and controlling inventory.

Smarter Tax Depreciation

Modular buildings have a more favorable depreciation schedule. Modular can be on an accelerated depreciation schedule of 7 or 12 years instead of 35 years.

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How The Process Works

Sen us a quote request and get side by side price comparison vs. other providers and the high cost of traditional on site construction.

Compare How Affordable

Compare the price quotes son multiple models, designs, maufacturers and local area providers. Discuss features you need and save up to 50% over traditional buildings.

The Most Designs

While the design choices are customizable and infinaite you can compare options not available from all building providers. Endless modern building options for less.

Long Lasting Quality

Not only is modular construction twice as fast and half the cost of traditional construction for many projects, but it is also beautiful and functional for decades to come.

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How over 4000 people started their shopping process for a new buildings, church or classroom in 2019.

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